Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Introduction and Mission Statement

So who is Adam, and why is he so mad?

I am a young, middle class man with a degree in mathematics, and am politically slightly left-of-center. I am an atheist, although I don't typically like to identify with any sort of religious groups, and my primary interests in study are economics and feminism. I'm generally a rather reserved person - I'm difficult to anger, quick to forgive, and generally understanding of issues both large and small, or so I'd like to think, at least. I think no issues aren't worth looking at both sides, and I've always liked to say that if you find yourself in agreement with most people, you should be seriously concerned about your perspective.

As to why I'm so mad, it's everything. I see such great possibility in the human race, but darnit, people just keep on disagreeing with me on how things should be, and that makes me mad. My primary values are happiness, liberty, and personal sovereignty (arguably the last two are the same - deal with it), and I think the best way to accomplish those is through a socially permissive culture that emphasizes not harming one another, being understanding of other's flaws, and, perhaps most chiefly, trying to help other people.

Mission Statement

Within the confines of this blog, I am going to try to take positions and develop arguments for those positions that are persuasive on a rational and emotional level. I will try to deliver justice to both sides of the issue, make clear my biases, and admit my mistakes whenever appropriate. I will likely write most of my entries about topics in economics or feminism, being the subjects I am most interested in, but I'll gladly entertain whatever makes me mad that day.

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